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ConnectAsia is an intercultural training, coaching and consultancy firm with representatives in Asia and Europe to work closely with global leaders to do business across different cultures in Asia. Our credentialed and experienced international trainers, coaches and consultants help you to understand the pulse of Asian businesses. ConnectAsia strives to improve business ties between European and Asian markets by providing high quality services to explore and develop the essential intercultural competencies to minimize failure when doing business with Asians.Our customized approach develops appropriate knowledge, behaviors and skills to transform global leaders to be more culturally sensitive and eventually to communicate effectively with Asian business counterparts.

Intercultural Training

Intercultural awareness training

A highly recommended foundation program prior to other intercultural training programs to help participants to increase the cultural awareness and tounderstand the impact of cultural differences in international business and multicultural workplace. Participants complete an online assessment, Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), to discover their intercultural interactions in key intercultural competencies that can be trained based on written personal feedback with detailed suggestions for development.

Country specific training

A specific focus on a target culture or country, aimed at improving working relationships and communication of two different cultures. The training includes topics on country specific information e.g. historical and political background, business etiquette, communication pattern and negotiation style. Our Asian country experts deliver tailor-made country specific training programs on Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, India, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

Global virtual teamwork

A highly tailored training to collobrate with remote team members dispersed across cultures and time zones between Asia and other parts of the world. The unique training approach uses appropriate tools and technology to develop the key competencies for global leaders to maximize the performance in a virtual environment.

Providing and receiving feedback

Learn to navigate difficult work-related conversations and provide sensitive yet constructive feedback to Asian business counterparts. Recognize different feedback styles in Asia and establish a positive mindset to adjust the communication styles. A well-delivered feedback would deepen trust in business relationships.

Relocation training

Expatriate training program prepares and eases the adjustment process of expatriates and their families in the host countries. This program includes pre-departure workshop, post-arrival orientation and language lessons which aims to reduce culture shock, conflict and unknown challenges.

China-focused Training

‘Meet the Chinese’

The Chinese facilitator provides tips and strategies to producea successful collaboration with Chinese business counterparts. The training increases the participants’ own cultural awareness and other unstated cultural assumptions such as stereotypes and prejudices. The skill-building activities strengthen participants’ ability to recognize business culture differences as well as to enhance their relationships building and communication skills.

Sun Tzu art of winning negotiations

Sun Tzu, a legendary military strategist and philosopher, won all battles without fighting. His principles and success knowledge have been widely adopted in life, business and politics. Particularly, Sun Tzu’s Art of War teachings have been frequently applied in negotiations to achieve a sustainable or win win. The fun and interactive training methods are aimed at building long-term competitive advantage to accomplish expected objectives in negotiations.

Importing from China

Although the Chinese economy has slowed down but the comparative advantages China has over other countries is still undeniable. China has surpassed the USA as the world’s biggest economy and the Chinese pursuit of high-technology manufacturing keeps expanding. The 12 smart and easy ways of importing from China underline key topics such as suppliers identification and verification, quality control inspection and price negotiation.

Asian facilitators

Individual or group training

In-house or open training

Blended learning

Yin & Yang simulation-based learning

Post-training support

Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural coaching allows coach to explore and unleash the potential of coachee aims at becoming culturally aware and also engaging appropriate behavior in an unfamiliar new cultural setting culture. ConnectAsia’s 7 steps CONNECT coaching model is designed for the highly effective intercultural coaching sessions.

C coaching competencies

Am I working with a credentialed coach?

O obstacles to handle

Where am I now?

N needs & goals setting

Where do I want to be?

N non-judgement discovery

How do I develop self-awareness? Any viable options?

E empower for action

What should I do to get there?

C celebrate success

What if I achieve my coaching goal?

T track your success

What have I learnt and what are next steps?

Other Services

Asian language lessons

Translation services in major Asian languages

Trade consulting

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